TrueSkill Ratings

TrueSkill is a rating system designed by Microsoft for use in online games.

This implementation of TrueSkill uses the following variables;

  • Initial Mean: 750
  • Initial Standard Deviation: 250
  • β: 125
  • Dynamic Factor: 2.5

TrueSkill works by tracking the mean rating of players alongside the uncretainty in player skill. Using these two variables, a conservative estimate of skill rating can be produced.

The more certain the rating system is of a skill rating, the less it will change over time, the more certain, the faster it will change. The certainty increases with consistent results from a given fighter.

These ratings exclude fighters who have not fought within the last 18 months.

To read more about the TrueSkill rating system, either visit the Microsoft research page or the whitepaper.

Currently active and at their highest rating.
Currently active but not at their highest rating.
Inactive fighter.

Please be aware that these ratings are calculated pound-for-pound, not per weight class. Fighters who recently switched weight class have ratings based primarily on having competed in their previous class and are not adjusted to their new class.

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